About Us

Welcome to Select Pickleball! We are a company dedicated to helping padel players find the best products for their game. We started out as a small operation, reviewing padel rackets and testing them to see which ones performed the best. Over time, we’ve expanded our operation and now offer reviews and ratings for all sorts of padel equipment. We take pride in properly testing all of the products we review, and we only recommend products that we believe in. Our goal is to help players of all skill levels find the right equipment for their game. Thank you for visiting Select Pickleball, and we hope you find our reviews helpful!

How We Review & Test Every Pickleball Paddle

At Select Pickleball, we take paddle testing and reviews seriously. We want our customers to have the best possible experience when they’re out on the court, so we make sure to test each paddle thoroughly before we put it up for sale. We also make sure to provide detailed reviews of each paddle, so our customers can make an informed decision about which paddle is right for them. Here’s a closer look at our process.

First, we identify a range of paddles that meet our quality standards and that we think will be popular with our customers. Then, we send those paddles out to a team of testers who have different playing styles and experience levels. They provide feedback on things like grip, weight, balance, and how the paddle performs on different shots.

Finally, we compile all of that feedback and use it to write comprehensive reviews of each paddle.That way, we can be confident that we’re offering our customers the best possible selection of pickleball paddles.

Tyson Moore
Tyson Moore
Hello, my name is Tyson Moore and I am a professional pickleball player. After many years of playing the game, I have started to do some depth research and testing related to pickleball. I have also interviewed many experts in the field. You can check my latest findings on my blog. I hope you find my information helpful. Thanks for reading!